ML Motorbike Training & Coaching

Riding a motorbike is fascinating and can be perfected through training and self-reflection.
We can help you to achieve this!

What could be better than riding through the countryside on a motorbike? Feeling free, independent and at one with your motorbike. Feel and learn to enjoy your motorcycle tour, your holiday to the full.

You are the upper half of your motorcycle...
Prof. Bernt Spiegel

…and therefore captain and helmsman at the same time and responsible for yourself, your fellow men and the animals you meet.


Have you just acquired your driving licence?
Still feeling insecure?

Have you had your driving licence for some time?
Do you still feel overwhelmed in various situations because a change in the road surface, a shower of rain or a dangerous situation on the road can make you very nervous?

Have you already undertaken several tours?
Would you like to be able to negotiate bends more confidently and feel the speed of your engine underneath you, so that you can enjoy the next unfamiliar stretch in the road even more with your eyes wide open and full concentration?

We can help ypu achieve this!

ML Motorbike Training & Coaching is more than just perfecting motorbike riding. Because every person (biker) is unique.
Margaretha Lingen-Zanker (Maggy)

With your own motorcycle you will get to know the perfect line on the open road - you will learn to read all the bends correctly and step by step you will become safer and more in control so that you can increase your speed and learn to angle without any risk.

Very important: everything has rhyme and reason
But the icing on the cake is taking the bends!

• How do I drive the ideal line in traffic?
• What is my seat, hand and footposture, my body position?
• What is my view and line of vision?
• How do I brake in a curve?
• How do I negotiate combinations of bends ?
• Am I a calm or rather a sporty rider?
• Do I have undiscovered capacity?

With the help of your previous knowledge and our training you will learn to drive in a safe and comfortable way. This will make you feel more secure and at ease.

Because you will be encouraged and challenged!

Through various practice sessions and tours you will learn to act instinctively, because „practice makes perfect!“

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Our Services


Traffic practice area, short ride

private coaching: 160,- € 2-6 bikers: 120,- € p. P

• Seat, hand and foot postion
• Posture
• Swinging
• Line of vision
• Braking

SHORT TOUR - 4 hours

In the region
private coaching: 270,- € 2-4 biker: 210,- € p. P 5-8 biker: 180,- € p. P

• Swinging
• Line of vision
• Single and curve combinations

DAY TOUR - 8 hours

Eifel, Mosel, Bergisches Land, Sauerland, Luxemburg
private coaching: 390,- € 2-4 bikers: 310,- € p. P. 5-8 bikers: 240,- € p. P.

• Swinging
• Line of vision
• Correctly recognising single and corner combinations
• Braking before and in the curve
• Increasing speed and learning to angle without danger

Weekend & Holiday Tours

Germany, Europe and worldwide.

Depending on season, request and offer.

Individual Coaching with Personal Trainer

This private one-to-one coaching will be a tour tailored to your needs and previous knowledge.

When riding a motorbike you almost always have to react within seconds in dangerous situations. You will learn how to react in time through different sections of the route and practice sessions.

Of course I would also come to you. However, should my journey be more than 20 kilometres, a flat rate will be charged depending on the distance and effort involved.

All prices are final prices per person incl. 19 % VAT.

Please note:

Each participant must sign a disclaimer. This ensures that participants and coaches/guides cannot be held responsible for the participants or other participants misconduct or omissions/non-compliance. This is for your own safety.

Please arrive at your tour with a full tank of fuel.


• Minimum age 18 years and a valid motorbike licence
• Motorbike must be registered, roadworthy and have a valid general inspection (MOT/TÜV)
• Tread death of the tyres should be at least 4 mm


• Motorbikes jacket and trousers or a one-piece suit with back protection..
• Motorbike gloves
• Motorbike boots
• Safety helmet approved for road use

For me, motorbiking is my life blood.
Margaretha Lingen-Zanker (Maggy)